Jun. 7th, 2011

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Hello, everyone! I just stumbled upon this community and decided to join. I may only be 21, but I've known for quite awhile that I will not be having children. I have gotten the "you'll change your mind" and "but you'd have cute kids" speeches quite often, but honestly, I just do not like children and I don't need one to feel fulfilled. People around me seem to not be able to accept that. My ex-boyfriend's friends were the worst about it.

His best friend has an almost two year old, who is his Godson, and I was always kind of scolded for not wanting to hold him, or for not clapping and smiling when he did something inappropriate that was thought to be funny. Why would you encourage a toddler to reach in someone's mouth, take food out, and eat it?! In fact, that night which was just a few months ago, one of his friends had said "Why are you with her if she doesn't like kids?" I didn't say anything during this whole ordeal, and just sat quietly and looked down. After that my boyfriend had told me that I "need to learn to like kids." It had never been a secret that I didn't want children, but now after 5 years it was a problem. Needless to say, me not wanting kids was one of the reasons he recently dumped me.

Sorry for the rambling personal narrative! I was just wondering, how do you all handle yourselves in these kinds of situations? Do you simply say it's a personal choice? Do you explain why you don't want children? Do you call them out for talking about you like you're not there? I'm sure hanging your head in shame, like I do, isn't the best response.


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