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Here in Canada, The Weather Network receives video footage from viewers and then compile it into their top ten videos of that week. I just saw this week's rundown and of course they're mostly weather-related as they should be (although one was of an adorable little bird that flew to the camera to get food from the person's hand.)

What got me, though, was that their number one video of the week was of a baby that had been born during a storm. The number TWO video was of the massive flooding in Australia. But never mind that peoples' lives were destroyed -- a BABY was born during a storm, OMG, give that video the number one spot! X(

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Date: 2011-01-07 11:24 pm (UTC)
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It's the number one video because, obviously, babies in Canada have never been born during storms before. Duh.

Realistically: I guess they were trying to go with a "hopeful" video or something? Idek. (Was the baby literally born in the storm? Like, the pregnant mother's car broke down and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere, and they happened to have a camera to film her giving birth? 'Cause that would totally deserve the number one spot, no lie.)


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