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We've had a trapper come twice to capture raccoons for live release that are causing us problems. The first time was fine, the second time he brought his seven-year-old daughter.

I don't like kids, and I'm not comfortable around them. Multiply that by ten thousand when there's a kid in my house, and even more so when her father likes to talk, thus prolonging my tension over the kid.

She was fascinated by our bookcases of manga, etc, but mostly with our Monster High dolls (she has a couple of her own, but commented on how she wished she could have one of ours, like a hint. Nope, not happening.)

Her father's still blabbing, and my wife and I keep darting anxious looks toward the kid, who is picking up stuff from our shelves now (she can't reach the dolls, luckily.) It wasn't until she picked up our GERBIL that my wife spoke up, because she was picking her up exactly the way you're NOT supposed to (with your hand over it, like a bird's talons.) Her father finally said something to her, but it didn't keep her from continuing to stick her hand in there. I don't think she was trying to pick her up again, but by then I just wanted her gone (okay, I wanted her gone before she even came inside, but it was much more intense by then.)

I hope when he comes back, he leaves her at home.
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