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So I find myself in a bit of a bind recently, and could really use some advice.

The friend I don't want to drop... )

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you do hit a pay wall on some of the on-line stories, but this particular magazine issue should still be in the stores, as of aug. 10, 2013 (i don't know when this will be unscreened) if you can't find it, maybe your local library has back-issues.

having it all without having children

childfree adults are not "selfish"

i just don't want a child

other articles on being childfree at time.com
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Chelsea Lately regular Jen Kirkman is “childfree by choice.” Here’s what she’d like to say to everyone who can’t stop telling her she’ll change her mind.

Jen Kirkman’s stand-up routine includes lots of jokes about not having kids and total strangers constantly approach her and ask, “Who will take care of you when you’re old?” (Servants!) Some insist, “But you’d be such a great mom!” (Really? You know me so well!) Whether living rent-free in her childhood bedroom while trying to break into comedy (the best free birth control around, she says), or taking the stage at major clubs and joining a hit TV show—and along the way getting married, divorced, and attending excruciating afternoon birthday parties for her parent friends—Jen is completely happy and fulfilled by her decision not to procreate. I Can Barely Take Care of Myself is a beacon of hilarious hope for anyone whose major life decisions have been questioned by friends, family, and strangers in a comedy club bathroom. And for everyone who wonders if Jen will ever know true love without looking into the eyes of her child.

check it out here
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Are great when they are behaved, but when one is not, and decides throwing spent lemons (squeezed) over the back of the booth onto one's husband is a good idea...makes you want to do more than growl.

Okay, I entertained throwing my own back...except I have the whole table in front of me. *evil grin*
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We've had a trapper come twice to capture raccoons for live release that are causing us problems. The first time was fine, the second time he brought his seven-year-old daughter.

I don't like kids, and I'm not comfortable around them. Multiply that by ten thousand when there's a kid in my house, and even more so when her father likes to talk, thus prolonging my tension over the kid.

She was fascinated by our bookcases of manga, etc, but mostly with our Monster High dolls (she has a couple of her own, but commented on how she wished she could have one of ours, like a hint. Nope, not happening.)

Her father's still blabbing, and my wife and I keep darting anxious looks toward the kid, who is picking up stuff from our shelves now (she can't reach the dolls, luckily.) It wasn't until she picked up our GERBIL that my wife spoke up, because she was picking her up exactly the way you're NOT supposed to (with your hand over it, like a bird's talons.) Her father finally said something to her, but it didn't keep her from continuing to stick her hand in there. I don't think she was trying to pick her up again, but by then I just wanted her gone (okay, I wanted her gone before she even came inside, but it was much more intense by then.)

I hope when he comes back, he leaves her at home.
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I thought this was pretty funny (and accurate). Click for full size.

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And the most recent comic is right on topic for tthis community too!

family decals
Click for full size.

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What's the matter with kids today and why doesn't anyone want them around? In June, Malaysia Airlines banned babies from many of their first class cabins, prompting other major airlines to consider similar policies.

Lately, complaints about screaming kids are being taken seriously, not only by airlines, but by hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and even grocery stores.

Read more about restaurants around the country banning kids.

Earlier this month, McDain's, a Pittsburgh area restaurant that banned kids under 6 became a mascot for the no-kids-zone movement.

According to a Pittsburgh local news poll, more than half of area residents were in favor of the ban. And now big business is paying attention.

the story here

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There I was, playing an innocent game of Bingo Blitz on FB, the left-side chat running with the usual 'add me' 'trade me this item' posts, when something unexpected came up (in capital letters, no less)

Can't escape them, even here )

I REALLY didn't need to read that, thanks. -_-;
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Hello, everyone! I just stumbled upon this community and decided to join. I may only be 21, but I've known for quite awhile that I will not be having children. I have gotten the "you'll change your mind" and "but you'd have cute kids" speeches quite often, but honestly, I just do not like children and I don't need one to feel fulfilled. People around me seem to not be able to accept that. My ex-boyfriend's friends were the worst about it.

His best friend has an almost two year old, who is his Godson, and I was always kind of scolded for not wanting to hold him, or for not clapping and smiling when he did something inappropriate that was thought to be funny. Why would you encourage a toddler to reach in someone's mouth, take food out, and eat it?! In fact, that night which was just a few months ago, one of his friends had said "Why are you with her if she doesn't like kids?" I didn't say anything during this whole ordeal, and just sat quietly and looked down. After that my boyfriend had told me that I "need to learn to like kids." It had never been a secret that I didn't want children, but now after 5 years it was a problem. Needless to say, me not wanting kids was one of the reasons he recently dumped me.

Sorry for the rambling personal narrative! I was just wondering, how do you all handle yourselves in these kinds of situations? Do you simply say it's a personal choice? Do you explain why you don't want children? Do you call them out for talking about you like you're not there? I'm sure hanging your head in shame, like I do, isn't the best response.
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I don't really mind the idea of reusable pads an sich... but the fact that it's often referred to as 'mama cloth' puts me right off. I do NOT wish to use a product that's obviously meant for 'mamas', thank you.

Also, I have a cat. That makes me a pet owner. Not a 'kitty mommy'.

... call me grumpy or petty... call me whatever you like, but don't call me by any name that implies motherhood.
I just really, really don't want to be 'mommified'!
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Here in Canada, The Weather Network receives video footage from viewers and then compile it into their top ten videos of that week. I just saw this week's rundown and of course they're mostly weather-related as they should be (although one was of an adorable little bird that flew to the camera to get food from the person's hand.)

What got me, though, was that their number one video of the week was of a baby that had been born during a storm. The number TWO video was of the massive flooding in Australia. But never mind that peoples' lives were destroyed -- a BABY was born during a storm, OMG, give that video the number one spot! X(
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Last night, I dreamt I was pregnant. In reality, this would be impossible, because:

A) I'm married to another woman (and yes, in the dream, she was responsible.)

B) I have no uterus.

My wife didn't appear in the dream, but my parents did, and they seemed completely unconcerned by all it while I was freaking out because:


It was one of those times when you wake up and thank God that it was only a dream. *shudder*


Oct. 23rd, 2010 02:18 pm
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Someone on LJ pointed me to their childfree community and to this entry:
Projection Prevention offers to help UK drug addicts stop having kids

I thought I should point you over there in case you want to participate in the drama. Or we can start our own drama here.

I do not have a problem with long-term birth control. But offering money for sterilisation to a person that is in a difficult situation, probably not thinking clearly and in desperate need of money? Very dicey. What are your thoughts on the matter?
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from july 2010

"My friends and I have occasionally likened coming out as child-free to coming out as a gay person 40 or 50 years ago. There's the same sense of shock - perhaps that's too strong a word. But it's a lifestyle people don't expect and it may challenge their world view," says 31-year-old Rhona Sweeting.

i agree. a lot of thins told to a child free person; you'll change your mind when you meet the right person,and being called unnatural or a freak is what many homosexual people had to put up with.


Sep. 18th, 2010 09:07 pm
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hello. i discovered this community via a post at the [community profile] followfriday  community & decided to come out as child free on my journal. and a few people unsubscribed from my journal. i support everyones right to subscribe/unsubscribe as they will but i've been wondering why they did it.

was it because;

1. i'm child free?
2. i parodied the song born free in my post title & the are fans of the song or movie?
3. i said i had issues with people who have 8 or more kids, yet  keep trying to have them?
4. i called out the duggars (of the show 19 & counting) on this and they are fans/friends/family of theirs?
5. i mentioned that God gave us free will & that includes whether or not we have kids and they didn't like me bringing God into it?

so my question to all of you is; have you lost any people in real life or on-line because of your choice to be child free?

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i had an extremely vivid dream this morning, where i was called upon to be a temporary physical surrogate for a (real life) pregnant friend

holy fuck

i've known since i was 13 that i never ever wanted to create or birth a child. i managed to have a tubal ligation paid for by my insurance while still in my mid twenties

this fucking dream sucked!

(i'll not post it here, for politeness sake - it was explicit. feel free to stop by my journal and take a peek ... if you dare)